Sunday, June 27, 2010

The seeker

So when I was a kid my parents got me and my borthers each a seeker G1 Transformer. Morri got Skywarp, Ben got Dirge, and I got Thrust. I loved them all (since they all eventually got passed down to me) but Thrust has always been my favorite. Well they finally made the updates classics version of Thrust that I found yesterday at TRU and I couldn't be more happy!
Here he is in Robot mode.
And with the other two classics seekers that I have, Starscream and Ramjet. My friend Kenny who is the Trasformers king also told me that they are going to do a Dirge too (there is also a Skywarp that came out a while ago that I don't have but I want a lot). These are great looking updates of awesome transformers.

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