Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I ain't afraid, are you?

So the third box set for Ghosbusters got to me in the mail today and it includes a gooey version of Egon and Winston along with Walter Peck (he has marshmallow on his head but also comes with a normal hairpiece) and we also get Janine Melnitz.
If you take the new Gooey Egon and Winston and add the existing Ray and then take a new haripiece this set came with and put it on Peter then you can create the final gooey scene from Ghostbusters!
I also got an exclusive set from the C2E2 show which is the Stark Expo set froma deleted scene from Iron Man 2. You have Stark Expo Tony and Natalie Romanova (yeah she is a great looking minimate!)
Then I also got this months mattycollector subscription which is She-Ra Princess of Power! Mara was so excited when I opened this up she wanted me to open it out of the package right away. I had to explain that it goes with all my other ones still in their package (although I do plan on opening this some day when I have the proper space to display them in.
And here (I don't why I can't get it to appear not sideways) is the back of the card with the great little history snippet for She-Ra. I will be getting another MOTUC figure this week so be prepared for more awesomeness!

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