Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's been a while.

Well its been a while. Not since my last post but since I had a day to post a bunch of different toys. I have been cutting back on my toy purcahses the last little while but today I saw some things that although not on my list of wants were just things I really wanted to buy. This first one though is of course my monthly MOTU figure coming in the mail and this is a figure of a character from the 200x series. This is Chief Carnivus and you can read his bio below but this is like always a great looking figure!

Then here we have some Galactic Heroes which I have been fairly picky with lately in terms of what I do and don't buy. This here is Pre Viszla and a Mandolorian Soldier. I had a Target gift card so getting these for free in essence was a no brainer!
Then I also picked up this Cad Bane and Aurra Sing set since they go nicely with my other bounty hunters.

Then if you haven't watched the Cars Toons with Mater and his tall tales then you should start my favorite is Tokyo Mater (you can see the Lightning McQueen in a post a while back) but since they were on sale I picked up this Kabuto

and this Komodo. I love the looks of the cars from this episode and will likely get the other ones too.

And then last the new line of GI Joes is largely unimpressive but I came across this Jungle Viper who has this great camoflauge that makes him look really cool and a great looking sniper rifle and my favorite Cobras are the Vipers so I snagged this guy up. So there is the lot of random of things that I have picked up the last few days.

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