Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random but very cool

Ok so I am more excited for the upcoming Tron Legacy movie than about any movie I can think of since Star Wars movies were coming out (and that is saying a lot since I like a lot of different movies) so when I saw that the figures were on the pegs at TRU yesterday I got very very excited! I did control myself however realizing that I can't just buy all of them so I looked over the four they had and chose this CLU figure. The figure has great articulation and if you push a button on the back there are two strips on his chest that light up. Now if you remember in the first movie CLU is the name of the program that Kevin Flynn is using to break into the system at the beginning of the movie. My guess is that this is the same program as it says that CLU rules the Tron world and the previews shows a Jeff Bridges character that says he is not Sam's father. But I guess I won't know for sure utnil December 17th as that is when this movie comes out. . . . . .not soon enough!
Here is a figure from wave 2 of the IM2 figures. This is the Hulkbuster armor and I just love this bulked up armor. It looks cool and I haven't got anything IM in a while so finding this guy made my day!

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