Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flame On!

So the newest wave of TRU exclusive minimates is actually a wave of Fantastic Four minimates and I LOVE this wave. First here we have an incredible looking Sue Storm and then our very first Mole Man (although the cape they made him with makes it very difficult to stand him up).
Here we have a great new version of the Thing and Human Torch.
Then we have Mr Fantastic and Dr Doom (I really like the look of this Doom).
Then you have an Atlantean Soldier and Namor.
And this is the cool little poster that came in each set. The upcoming wae of minimates also has more Things in it but also some other super cool characters so I can't wait till those show up. . . . . oh and by the way these last bunches of minimates puts me at a total of 904 total unique minimates! So 1000 here I come!

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