Friday, March 18, 2011

Laser Gator!

The extra figure this month is Battle Armor Skeletor. I don't have BA He-man so I didn't necessarily care about getting this one but he is still cool and will look great on the filing cabinet in my office at work. The bio wouldn't load correctly so I have left it off but that is ok since there isn't any new and necessary info for Skeletor on it.
So this month's figure is King Hssss who comes with a separate upper half so that you can make him his snake insides. I think this one is cool but am not a big fan of his normal look and the snake insides look isn't that great either so oh well. Read his bio below.

So I got the Uncanny X-Force minimate box set with Wolverine, Archangel, Psylocke, and the oh so cool Deadpool. I really mostly wanted Deadpool but the others look good too. You can see behind these miniamtes that I also got the minimate carrying case. I bought this for two reasons. #1 because the inserts inside to stick the figures in are currently being used to make a great looking hall of armors for my Iron Man minimates.
#2 is that it came with this exclusive laser gator battle beast minimate. Oh I can't wait till they expand this line and make some other great BB minimates!

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