Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disney Disney Disney

So Disney's online store had a clearance so I snagged the other 3 deluze Tron Legacy figures. I already have Sam Flynn so here is CLU

And Rinzler

And the Black Guard

Since Disney bought Marvel or something like that the Disney store carried Marvel stuff so I picked up this Marvel Select Deadpool because A. Deadpool is awesome and 2. They don't make enough Deadpool stuff.

Also got this Cars 2 toy with the online order because it is a mustang. This is Brent Mustangburger.

So with Cars 2 toys out I had to get this guy Grem because 1. The name of this type of car is gremlin and I love gremlins (the little green monsters guys) 2. Wayne drives a Gremlin in Wayne's World and 3. It reminds me of my family's old orange Pinto we used to have.

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