Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minimates galore!!!!!!

Well I got a ton of minimates over the last couple of weeks and have waited to post them all together. I will have more posts in the next few days of other stuff too. Here we have from a Sony video game Jak and Daxter. I have never played the game but these guys look to unique to pass up.
Here is another Sony set of Ratchet and Clank also too unique to pass up.

DST is making their own Pirates line called Calico Jack. I am not super impressed an probably won't buy anymore but here we have Jonathan Barnet and Nukpana

Here is Charles Vanes and Old Dad the Cooper

Here is Calico Jack and Tom Brown

Here from Captain America: The First Avenger movie is Captain America and Red Skull.

Here we have the variant Pegy Carter and the suave looking Howard Stark

Here we have three variations of Hydra soldiers. Two of these come fromt he army builder single packs that I ordered individually from lukestoystore.com (they are amazing, if you want minimates use this site!)

Here is the TRU exclusive Gabe Jones and Hydra flametrooper

Here is the other exclusive Captain America and Dum Dum Dugan

This is Frontline Captain America and Bucky Here we have TRU Spartan ODST blue and camoflauged Arbiter .

These are the only figures that the amazing new X-men First Class movie is getting so I am super happy that they are minimates. Here is Sebastian Shaw (very excited to have Kevin Bacon in minimate form now) and Xavier.

Here is Mystique and Magneto

Here is Emma Frost and Havok

Here is Beast and Azazel.

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