Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blazing awesome

New minimates YEAH! So they made a new wave called the best of which has new versions of a bunch of characters that we already have a ton of so I didn't really care about this wave but I had to have this new version of Iron Man! I love this color version. I don't really care about the Thing that came with him even though I like the bulked up version of him.
The newest wave 43 is based on an older comic story line here you have a really cool looking Daredevil with a great new weapon. Then you also have Sin Eater acharacter that I am unfamiliar with.
Here you have a detective who tried to help Spiderman, Jean de Wolff and then a Spider Man.
The army builder for the wave is a Shield Agent who has two hairpieces so you can actually have two different agents which is really cool. Then you have J. Jonah Jameson who looks incredible. The variant for the set is the loser for the set Aunt May who looks very mannish.
Here we have an action figure like version of Voltron! This is called Blazing Sword Voltron as he comes with the sword that looks like when Voltron takes his sword out. This is a non-transformable but very poseable version of Voltron. He also came with a base that plays the theme song. Very very cool.

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