Saturday, March 3, 2012

Different can still be good

Some Star Wars lego sets I have purchased just so that I could get the Jedi minifigures that came with it. Well Ki Adi Mundi came with a Geonosian starfighter that I absolutely didn't want so I just purchased him by himself from ebay to add to my Jedi minifigure collection.
There is a new TF cartoon on (there have been a ton over the last decade) called Transformers Prime and they have just started to release toys for this series. The first wave thankfully includes my favorite of them all Soundwave. You can see the robot form doesn't really look like a traditional Soundwave but he is still cool. He even comes with a wierd little Laserbeak.
I think the vehicle form is really cool though as it is a military spy drone which goes along perfectly with what Soundwave does.

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