Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Myriad of awesomeness

This month on MOTU Classics we have Kobra Khan evil master of snakes. Great toy (even though I wish he had the squirt feature) Only two more months until Stinkor! Read Kobra's bio below.
I recently sold a significant amount of toys (so some things on this blog are not even mine anymore) so what do I do with money from sold toys? Buy more toys of course! I placed an order with and got this great condition vintage Chrome Dome figure that I had as a kid. I remember going to get this at Best. This character is from the original TMNT. The episode that had this character was actually a evening movie type episode, it was awesome! (Or that's how I remember it)
I also got this time phasing flying Delorean with the first minimate of Marty's girlfriend Jennifer.
Then because it was cheap I also got this Gundam model that was lots of fun to put together. This if rom Gundam wing and it is called Deathscythe.
Then last of all I picked up this GI Joe Techno Viper because I love the viper figures.

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