Friday, December 4, 2015

A little Salacious in nature!

I love the Predator movies but didn't feel the need to get all of the Predator minimates so this is the set I chose with on Dutch and one Predator and now I don't feel like I have to get more. They are ok looking I am not a fan of the Predator's face.  I am excited for new Aliens sets coming soon!  stay tuned!

It is sad that I bought this whole thing just to get the Salacious Crumb but that's how much I love that character!  I kept the Leia (obviously) and who know it may be one of the last Slave Leia products they make now that Disney is saying they won't do it anymore and the Jabba is now sitting on my desk at work and it amuses students so the rest of the set wasn't a waste!  I love this little Salacious though he is so awesome.

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