Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Here was my Star Wars is this week purchase a First Order black series stormtrooper.  Oh man the next 24 hours are going to be so long!  I am seeing The Force Awakens tomorrow at 8 and then Friday again at 5.  I really do like the look of these stormtroopers and the black series are the best Star Wars toys of all of ever.

Here is another Tokyo Cars toy that I had to snag just because it goes with all my other Tokyo Mater cars.

Science Fiction vinyls series 2 came out so I snagged one and got a Cylon which is awesome for blindboxing but I love the look and I really want almost all of series two so we will see!

TMNT minimates series 3 came out and luckily Toys R Us got most of the wave so that I don't have to pay way more to get the blind bags.  Here is Rocksteady, Slash and Beebop! I love this new show so these minimates are the bee's knees!

Here are the vision quest turtles from the beginning of last season. I love these looks and that they gave the turtles alternate new weapons. 

Here we have Nightmare Before Christmas series 2 which again I was saved from blind bagging at Hot Topic because these were at TRU.  You have Zero, Pumpkin King Jack, Easter Bunny, and Santa Jack.  

Lastly I have snagged some vintage ebay toys that I had as a kid, this is the first one I got it is a Boulder from the Rock Lords.  This is in great condition and was  a great deal!  I love getting toys I had as a kid the nostalgia feeling is hard to beat!

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