Monday, December 28, 2015

Most of the Christmas haul!

This may be the last post of the year so I had to put up my Christmas presents and other toys I purchased during my time off of work!  After watching the Force Awakens and I had to pick up this Rey's speeder set because I had to have a Rey minifigure!  After you see the movie you will want one too!

Walgreens of all places has started carrying minimates from the Marvel animated shows. So I had to pick up this Hulkbuster minimate that is from the Avengers cartoon. Still love me my minimates!

Nostalgia ebay purchase here of Fitor from Gobots!  This is one my older brother had that I played with and I loved because it is just a really cool space ship!  This one is in fair condition but I got a great deal.  These old toys are so well made even though they don't have the same articulation as new similar toys.

This was part of my Christmas present from my wife. This is Queen Grayskull who goes along with King Grayskull, the first MOTU Classics figure I bought at SDCC back in 2007. She was only on the 200X series but I love her look and of course I love MOTUC figures in general.  You can read her bio below. At this point there is one more figure next year I want and that is the fimation version of Skeletor so this line is basically done for me barring any big announcements.

My wife got this classic Iron Man Vinylmation for me and had it in my stocking.  this is hands down my favorite Iron Man look so she was so awesome to get this for me!

I had a student last year, Jeff, who hand made this AT-ST for me for Christmas. It is amazing!  It is a great gift on its own but coming from a student who took the time to make it for me makes it mean a lot more.  

 I saw this Gundam at Barnes and Noble and couldn't pass it up because I love the look and the bright colors. It was great putting it together too because these new Gundam models are amazing.  This one is called the Try Burning Gundam or something weird like that, I don't really care about the name just that it looks cool!

 My actual present showed up today in the mail (incomplete as they missed something on my order).  It came after Christmas because the Aliens minimates didn't get released until the 23rd.  This is wave two of the Aliens 2 packs. We have privates Frost and Crowe, Ripley, Newt, and two aliens (including a cool on fire one).  I have all of the Colonial Marines now!  They forgot in my order the deluxe sets with Queen and power loader so those will be on here soon!

I also snagged a Predator that had a helmet as the other one I got didn't.  This is the one from Predator 2 so now I have something from 1 and 2.

Lastly I got the Zombies villains 3 set with Ultron Drone, Pyro, Bullseye, and Vulture.  I love Marvel and I love zombies so putting them together is super cool and the minimates don't disappoint. 

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