Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beautiful clearance and much more!

So I had to wait extra because this deluxe Aliens minimates set was missing from my first package but here it is!  A queen alien impaling Bishop (better pick below) and a minimate powerloader (one of my favorite sci-fi things ever)  The Queen doesn't stand up that well but the powerloader makes up for any complaints!

oh poor Bishop

Mega Blocks is now doing some Ninja Turtles stuff. This is a Donatello minifigure that I blind bagged (I felt the bo staff through the package)  This is from the new series and I love that he is in love with April!

They also mad some from the original series. The figure is a bit smaller but looks spot on. I love the background pics it came with of Krang attacking the city!

I got the Attack on Tokadana Lego set from the Force Awakens . I don't particular care about the temple part but now I have a Finn, A Kylo Ren, two first order Stormtroopers and a Maz!  This set was worth it just for the great minifigures.  

Got a bunch of new minimates too. This is the Secret Wars wave with a Maestro Hulk, Iron Man 2020 (love new versions of IM) Captain Marvel, Howard the Duck, and Lady Thor.  The wave had some others that I didn't keep but I love that they are still putting out waves of minimates (this is wave 64!)

I also got a set for Back to the Future 2 with a Griff, Marty with his two ties, Marty Jr. and Marlene.  The Griff is the definite winner of the wave with his bat and hoverboard!

Then we have wave 65 which was a Deadpool themed wave!  We have him dressed up as a mascot, Zenpool,  Now Deadpool, Secret Wars Deadpool, long awaited and loved Siryn, Copycat, and a Messiah Complex Cable (who has a little baby Deadpool).  Can't wait for the movie only a few more weeks!

Then surprisingly Hastings had an exclusive set I found out about from minimatemultiverse and I ordered it before I even knew what it was because they didn't have a picture.  This is from Alien (as opposed to the Aliens sets they have been doing).  This has Dallas, Brett, Lambert and the Xenomorph.  They are going to do a full wave of Alien with the Spacesuits so I am looking forward to that.

So yesterday my friend called and said Walmart was doing 50% off all clearance products so this Avengers Age of Ultron set which is normally 90$ was on clearance for 60$ and then 50% off that made it only 30$.  The minifigures alone made it awesome but to get this awesome quinjet for a third the price is the one of the most beautiful clearances I have ever acquired!

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