Sunday, February 28, 2016

Birthday and beyond

So the newest wave of TRU minimates had this MUST have two pack of Iron Spiderman and Spider Gwen but my Toys R Us wasn't getting the wave in so I bought the set on ebay just knowing I would find the set in store soon thereafter. However it has been a month and I still haven't seen it so happy that I got the set.  It came with parts to make a Gwen Stacy also she just isn't pictured here.

This was my actual birthday purchase.  I snagged this xenomorph from Alien Isolation on my birthday at TRU.  The alien from Alien is just one of my most favorite things so when you get a highly detailed and articulated action figure it is just one of those "must haves"!

This is my birthday present.  This is a Bandai movie realization Samurai Boba Fett.  It is just a what if type of thing but man do I wish there was some actual movie version of this because it is one of the most amazing toys I own. The detail is amazing,  it has amazing articulation and accessories and it is just plain cool!

Saw these things called Dorbz and just had to pick them up (Deadpool and Iron Man) because they are adorable.

My wife snagged these micro fighter lego sets because she knew I wanted a Snap Wexley and Hera Syndulla minifigures!  What a great and understanding wife I have!  Not sure what is coming up so it may be a while before I post again! Considering it has been more than a month since my last purchase and only one post in my birthday month should indicate how slow things are for me collecting wise. Till next time Yo Joe!

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