Saturday, March 5, 2016

Impulse power captain!

Out an about today knowing that I have a bunch of legos in the mail on their way to me and seeing those same legos on the shelf at Walmart led to so impulse purchases to feed the toy hunger!  Here we have a lego set from Age of Ultron which I bought because to complete my Avengers minifigures I needed a Thor and a Hawkeye! So here we have a Hydra guy in a dune buggy type car and then an Avengers truck with those two minifigures.

Then because I collect all of the Cars toys that have to do with Tokyo Mater, or the Tokyo party from Cars 2 I picked up this guy who is serving at the party......only to come home, open it up, and remember that I had already purchased this guy :(.  That's what impulse purchasing does!!!

Then I got this Black Series 6 in ch Darth Vader (Emperor's Wrath).  I wanted a Vader from this series because they are amazingly detailed and articulated but this one stands out because as you can see below his skull is visible from when the Emperor shocks Vader!  Cool unique feature on a great looking toy! (This one I happened to pick up at Walgreen's looking for the next wave of Minimates there)

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