Saturday, March 5, 2016

Updated pictures of my toy room!

So we finished our basement almost two years ago and so I moved my toy room into the basement into the small extra room and I have never gotten around to taking some new pictures this first is from the doorway.

Here it is from the inside corner and the rest of the pictures are closer up pictures of my toy collection. Of course this is just my toy room so you have to realize that this is not my entire collection (mostly my Star Wars Legos are missing). The descriptions here are really basic so I am not naming everything in the pictures.

Here is a wall with SW figures that I haven't opened.

I created a bar to hang up my SW Christmas ornaments all year cause why not!

random toys on the top of the big bookcase, Gremlins, Mantech, Sectaurs, Muscle Men, Robocop and She-ra and Swiftwind and more!

Three corner glass shelves. Nightmare before Christmas on the top shelf, Gundam and other robot toys on the middle shelf, Dino Riders, Stikfas, and Xevoz on the bottom.

I have some vintage good guy MOTU figures and seom from the 200x series and then some Disney Cars toys.

Here are the bad guy vintage and 200x MOTU guys with the Disney Cars Tokyo toys and then my Sky Commanders ship.

Here we have some Back to the Future, The Spirit, Terminator, Walking Dead, Thundercats and other random minimates.

Here we have Star Trek, Knight Rider, and Halo minimates.  A cool Delorean, Battlestar Galactica die cast ships and other random vehicle toys.

Bottom here we have some stuffed stuff and commerative edition transformers.

Micro Machine playsets and a vintage snowspeeder model. 

Die cast vintage Star Wars sets that my father in law gave me.

MASK, micro machines, Shadow Strikers and Robo Force.

Star Wars Galactic Heroes stuff.

Donatello ninja Turtles and others (Donnie is my favorite)

Good guy GI Joes


Random stuff

Random lego stuff

Aliens and Predator stuff

Tron stuff

Bucket of stuff for Mels to play with when she comes down here with me.

Aliens Minimates, Star Wars guys, Voltron, BAF Marvel Legends Sentinel.

Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters minimates.  GI Joe Sigma 6.

More Sigma 6 and Battlestar Galactica Minimates.

LOTR minimates, Visionaries, Streetfighter minimates, DC minimates

Marvel minimates love them!

More marvel miniamtes, Star Wars MOC figures, and some vintage GI Joes MOC.

Transformers  including one of my favorite toys of all time Masterpiece Soundwave!

Vintage Star Wars figures

Gobots, Rock Lords, Rev-r Tron, and a Starrior.

Vintage Transformers 

Megaman, Protoman, Zero and Roll stuff.

Gambit and Captain America stuff

Marvel Legos and some Iron Man stuff

Deadpool and Iron Man

Iron Man stuff and Amiibos

Star Wars figures

More Star Wars figures

Mighty Muggs

More SW figures MOC and Marvel Minimates

More Marvel minimates including some of my Iron Man hall of armors

The last of the Marvel Minimates with more hall of armor stuff.

MOTU mini masters and the start of my Classics collections.

MOTU classics

MOTU classics

MOTU classics

MOTU classics and that is it for now, if you don't think I'm crazy then you should really come over and check it out so we can talk about all this great stuff!

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