Sunday, March 27, 2016

FanX 16 loot and more

So added some more Lego minifigures to my collection here we have Martian Manhunter, Mini Flash and Captain Cold who are part of a new series with little vehicles, they are pretty cute.

At FanX and Comic Con you have peple who sell knock off Lego minifgures for cheap so it is a good opportunity to pick up some figures I want but don't want enough to pay for an actual Lego minifigure. Also there are some customs that don't exist as regular Legos so it is also a chance to get some awesome stuff.  Here I snagged knock off Aquaman and Hawkman.

I also snagged Captain Phasma and clonetroopers with red and yellow accents (I already have blue, orange, and gray).

Here we have Doctor Doom, Dr. Strange, and the one I just had to have GAMBIT!  Oh man he is my favorite X-man and one of my favorite all time super heroes so I am seriously lovin this minifigure!

My wife collects Disney Vinylmations and so knowing that I love these characters she snagged a Rocketeer and Tron for me!  She is the best.

I also snagged some more vintage SW figures for my collection.  Here we have FX-7 and Momaw Nadon.

Then I had this GI Joe as a kid he was the guy who always drove the snowmobile that we had so I found him and he is like new with super tight joints so I was happy about that.

My big FanX purchase was this Gundam that I liked because he is like a pirate he has a skull on his chest and he has some great weapons.  I love the look of Gundams and I love putting them together as well!

Alternate view.

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