Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great scott!

So this GI Joe 25th anniversary set of the Defense of Cobra island has been a large desire of mine since I first saw upcoming pictures of it early last year. But it was released with a Joe set that I didn't care about and this was only available online and you had to buy both sets to get it and getting this one Cobra set on ebay was way too much so I had given up trying to get it. Then I saw a post on a forum I go to saying that Ross (yes the dress for less store) had these for 16.99 (when normally they are 30 $ each!) So I cruised over to our local Ross and BAM they had it so I picked it up and as you can see I have already opened it up because the figures are great and I am now thinking I will probably open up the rest of my 25th Joes and have them all on display.
So here is a boxed picture of the set which includes (from right to left) Dr. Mindbender, Lamprey, Range Viper, Alley Viper (my favorite), Night Creeper, B.A.T. (battle damaged version) and Air Viper.
Also at Ross they had some internet exclusive (why they get these I don't know) of some SW mighty muggs that I normally wouldn't buy but they were only 5$! so here we have Wicket.
and a Wampa (with a removable arm!)
and an Imperial Guard!
Next we have an Iron Man 2 Mega Block set which I bought because my nephew Spencer had some Halo Mega Block figures and I thought they were cool so I figures I would snag this IM set and it is pretty nifty.
Then I got wave 3 of GB TRU exclusive minimates. Here we have Egon and Titanic Ghost.
Here we have World of the Psychic Peter and Vigo the Carpathian.
Here is courtroom Ray and Nunzio Scolari Ghost.
Last but not least we have courtroom Egon and Tony Scolari ghost. I have more minimates coming in the mail tomorrow so it won't be too long before the next post!

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