Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TRU and Trade

Last thursday TRU got their 6th wave of exclusive Marvel Minimates in (but not the Ghostbusters ones darnit). This pack is Stretch Attack Mr. Fantastic (and he has a really cool and unique wrapup base to replace his normal legs) and then you have World War Hulk from Planet Hulk which was a comic event and a Marvel animated movie that we watched recently.
Next we have Klaw and Secret Wars Storm (with her punk mowhawk).
Then we have battle damaged Wolverine and a cool new Captain America.
Last we have the 1st appearance Iron Man Mighty Mugg which I procured ina trade on my forum with ragincajun713. I almost got this Mugg at Walmart a while ago but my impatience with their stupid systme not being able to ring it up when I wanted to buy it meant that I passed it up so now I have through this trade.

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