Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More more more!

Well this month's MOTU figure showed up speedily! Here we have Moss Man complete with pine fresh scent! His card reads, " Thought of for many centuries to be an urban legens, the creature called "Moss Man" was in fact an ancient Eternian nature god and ally to King Grayskull. During the rise of Skeletor and the subsequent battles with the Snake Men and Horde invaders, Moss Man often joined forces with the Masters of the Universe helping to protect freedom for all forms of life. He was instrumental in helping them win the Second Ultimate Battleground using his powers over plant life and his "fur" of forest green to fool and frustrate his wicked foes."
I got my waves 33 and 34 in the mail today for Marvel minimates still going strong. This wave has Hellfire Club Guards and then Black Queen Jean Gret (left) and the variant Black Queen Selene.
Then you have the 90s comic and cartoon versions of Beast and Rogue,
and 90s Cyclops and Jean Grey.
The other wave comes with some really great looking Sentinels with different arm attachments and flight bases, then you have Rachel Grey (left) and the variant Rachel Summers with her Phoenix force base.
Then you have Thor and Lady Loki
and last you have Anti-Venom and Menace with a really cool flight base. Hopefully that cools down the toy incomings for a while as my wallet really needs a break!

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