Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reaping the Benefits

Ok I am not in the typing mood right now as I just did some homework but the computer is on so I figured I would get this done now instead of tomorrow. Iron Man 2 toys hit shelves this week so like the IM sucker that I am I picked up a bunch. This here is the token keep it in the package Stealth Operations Iron Man.
Here we have War Machine, his guns flip back which is cool and each figure comes with a three part armor card that is nifty.

Here we have the new armor for the upcoming movie which is the mark vi and this here figure has a glowing chest when you push his head down!
This is Hypervelocity Armor.

Then here we have another picture that won't load up correctly but it shows you on the bottom the first mini lego X-wing they did and then the one just released that is much much coolor. (I put the old one in for comparison)
They also did them in attack shuttle.
I also picked up this IM bobblehead because he is in the classic design which I love.
Then last but certainly not least I have a couple of free gifts from my best friend Kenny who gave me this awesome GOUF Custom Gundam, this is not the first one he has given me but it definitely the coolest.
He also gave me this die cast incredible Delorian. It doesn't fit my BTTF minimated though which was a bummer but this is sweet and it even has a switch on the bottom to flip the wheels out into hover mode.

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