Friday, April 25, 2008

Ben Folds and Civil War

So Wednesday night Breanne and I went to the Great Saltair to go to the Ben Folds Concert (this was the only picture we got since the guy at the door saw our camera and made us take it back to the car. . . . .LAME!) It was awesome there isn't a single musical artist I love more than Ben Folds. There were way to many opening acts (4) and Saltair has no seating so it was standing crushed in a crowd for four hours so I will never go back there again but Ben was AWESOME! I love his music and he played three songs from his new album that he announced he just finished. It was tiring but awesome, I am so glad he came to Utah since the last time I saw him was the Big Ass Show in like 1998!
Well probably the coolest minimate box set came in the mail today. This Civil War set was released at the New York Comic Con and then went on sale at the monday after the convention so I ordered one Monday morning and here it is in all of its awesomeness. There is Nitro (who is a key catalyst for the whole Civil War story) Then you have prisoner Cap' with his first time ever hair piece so he can be displayed like this as Steve Rogers, Then you have Iron Man and Iron Spidey!
Here we see Nitro again and then the other versions you can make of the other characters with the supplemental pieces that come in the package. So there is Cap with his battered headpiece and bloodied shield. Then you have Peter Parker and then Tony Stark. This set is superior to a lot of others that have been done in the last while and just a great collection of figures even though three of them are just variants of characters we already have this set is SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

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