Monday, May 19, 2008

Jackpot at Walmart.

A stop at Walmart on the way to work today yielded quite the find. They had the newest wave of Mighty Muggs so I snagged Yoda since I got my DV and Yoda shelf (I wanted the Grievous one but I resisted).
They also had the new wave of Marvel Mighty Muggs and so I had to get the Captain America.
They also had the newest wave of Joes so I picked up my Major Bludd. They had a bunch of others as well But they are "as seen in comic books or on the cartoon" so I passed those ones up.
Then they had a new IM bad guy this is Titanium man so I picked him up too. There are a bunch of other version of IM coming out later this fall so I look forward to those as well.

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