Monday, May 5, 2008

Me and a local movie star!

Ok so almost five years ago I worked at Convergys activating American Express Cards. One of my co-workers and I became really good friends. Here is Shea Potter and I and our board of many wonders. We took turns drawing different characters on the board fighting one another, everything from Megaman to Strong Bad it was such a great picture that I had to take a picture of it. Anyway so then I got a job at RC Willey and worked with a guy name Andy Sell (who is also now a good friend who teaches seminary in Mountain Home Idaho) and Andy ended up marrying Shea's sister Amber, such a small world eh! So Shea has been in UVSC plays and then he was recently in the movie Turn Around which a great little LDS movie and today I rented and am excited to watch a movie called Rescued which he stars in! So when I got home I found this picture on an old disc and had to put it up because Shea is such a great guy and the white board picture we drew here was so much fun!

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