Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Christmas

Due to a great family sale at FYE (Breanne's brother JD works there) we got a sweet 40% off deal on a force FX lightsaber. I have always wanted one but couldn't justify spending full price. We almost bought one for me last year at comic con but ended up not getting it. So Breanne got me an early Christmas present and got me this here Yoda Lighstaber.
It comes with an awesome display stand.
Here you have Jedi Master Tolman!

Today at Walmart I found this here Matt Trakker GI Joe figure. If you know your toys you might be thinking to yourself hey that guy wasn't a GI Joe and you would be correct for if you look closely at the upper right corner you will see the logo for M.A.S.k> (or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) This was the leader of M.A.S.K. and since Hasbro owns Kenner who made M.A.S.K. they did this incredibly cool crossover figure and gave us Matt Trakker.

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