Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the year, need some toys? Never fear Jedi Master Tolman is here!

What a way to close out the year! So Target got this exclusive Republic Fighter Tank set that I didn't have enough money to buy when it came out so I resigned myself to not getting it especially since I haven't seen it in the store for over a month but I got some Christmas cash and I happened across this one single set in the store earlier this week and so I snagged it up. Now all I need is the attack shuttle set and hopefully I will be good on legos for a while.
Currently I am waiting for my pre-order of Marvel Minimates waves 23 and 24 to come into stock at so that they will be sent to me. However TRU got all of wave 24 on their shelves (minus the variant) but the TRU in Orem never got them so since we were up in SL today we went to a TRU up there and voila they had two of the sets from wave 24. I bought them since there are alternate ways of showing some of the mates in this wave but also because it never hurts to have some extras to trade on my forum and since I bought these and will be getting a whole set of this wave soon I will have extras. Here we have Cosmis Spiderman and Transformation Venom (who has a great Eddie Brock head which you will see when I get my whoel wave).

Then here we have Classic Spiderman and Shocker. This is getting me so impatient to get my order from BBTS which also includes ST wave 5. They should be in stock by the latest the end of next week so I am eagerly waiting to get the rest of wave 24 and wave 23 too.
Then I was excited to see wave 1 of GI Joe Mighty Muggs at TRU and I had to have Xander help me choose between this Snake Eyes and a Cobra Commander and well obviously Snake Eyes won. His sword is awesome! I am sure I will get CC sometime soon so until next year. . . . .

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