Thursday, December 25, 2008

Obsessed? Why yes I am!

Well it is Christmas day and I had to get my post done so that I can actually start reading some of the stuff I got and getting the toys up on display. Here is something my wife got me (along with the lightsaber from a few posts back) This is a SW trivia book that randomly selects one of the 2500 questions in the book, you turn there and select the answer A-D on the little button pad and it tells you if you are right or wrong. (obviously I am right most of the time) I can't get me enough SW and hence. . . . .
here we have the brand new Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia which is 3 volumes, over 1200 pages of SW goodness. It is heavier than a cinder block and ha amazing illustrations in it and it just kicks the previous encyclopedias butt. Not to mention the main author on this baby is in a picture with me at the bottom of this here blog!!! This was from my Mother-in-law and it is just down right amazing. I wish I knew I would have enough time to read this within a reasonable amount of time but given its length and my upcoming lack of time to do anything it may just take me a while to get through this one.

My mother-in-law also got me the two Masters of the Universe Classics figures that came out this month. They are the first in the line and they are amazing looking. Here we have He-Man and
here we have Beast Man. The only compaint I have with these figures is that the packages don't have hangars to put them up on the wall. I can't wait till next month when we get Skeletor!
Then here we have one from my brother in law JD. He got me this Santa Jack from NBC (as well as the DVD Shaun the Sheep off the Baa!) The way they are now making these NBC figures is much higher quality than the others I have and they look and feel awesome.
This is another from my mother-in-law. I always gets the SW Hallmark ornaments for Christmas but never post them here because they aren't really toys they are just collectibles . . . . .I guess that is the same but I had to post this one because it is the Reliant from ST II and it is simply one of the best looking ornaments ever! I love it. Well I also got a significant amount of cash which will serve to publish more posts here soon enough (new lego sets here I come) and I got some other non toy related books and other things too. I love that I am part of a family that has no problem buying me toys for Christmas despite my age. Breanne is the best at understanding my "hobby" or obsession and I love her to death for it. Xander made off with quite the haul this year with a whole bunch of lego sets that he has endless fun with, such an imagination he has. Mara was the prize winner this year with a Barbie house, a play kitchen and just hoards of other things. Well Merry Christmas all of my readers. . . . . . . . . if there are any!

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