Tuesday, December 16, 2008

End of the Semester Lightsaber salute!

This morning I went and took my one and only final for this semester and was so relieved to have it done. I stopped by Target on the way home (despite the crazy snow covered roads) to hopefully find a new toy to celebrate the successful completion of this long and tiring semester. Lo and Behold I found the Clone Wars Plo Koon figure I wanted and what an incredible figure he is. He is opened obviously to go on the Characters with Lightsabers shelf but this is just one awesome figure. Definitely in my top ten favorite SW figures to date. I mean come on how he could he not be awesome when he comes with two lightsabers and then a two bladed lightsaber type wrist weapon? A little more than a week till Christmass and then as you could guess there will be I am sure several posts of great toys I will receive.

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