Monday, December 22, 2008

Keep out bright light!

My good friend Eric was cleaning out some old stuff and came across this Gizmo toy a friend gave him a long time ago and of course he thought of me. I am a big Gremlins fan and had quite the collection of Gremlins figures as a kid sothis was a great present he gave me. The best is that it is from Japan so the English translation of some stuff on the box is funny like on the back it says "Can you say the three firm promise" (????) Keep out bright light, keep away from water and never never feed after midnight. The best is the t-shirt that Gizmo is wearing that says no more water! Thanks Eric
Here we have a classic GI Joe that is Blowtorch. I loved this figure as a kid and was way excited to find him on the shelf this morning despite the fact that I missed an enitre wave. I haven't seen any of wave 12 and I still haven't found Airborne from wave 11 oh well this was the figure out of all those waves that I was looking forward to the most. Only two more days till Christmas, wow time flies!

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