Thursday, December 4, 2008

Free, Cheap, and Cool

Ok so this was the big minimate thing from a few posts ago that I was excited about it just took a long time to get to me. I was one of the top guessers on my forum for an upcoming wave of minimates (like Gambit and Deadpool!!!!) so Diamond Select Toys gave a free set of minimates to the top guessers. I chose to get some more Iron Man minimates and so I got the whole set finally today (more than a month after the contest ended) and I can now display Tony in his out of armor Mark II and III versions and Obadiah Stane out of his armor as well. The rest of the figures I will use to trade on my forum but it is very cool to get a bunch of free minimates especially a set that is my favorite wave of all!
Then another forum member wanted one of the minimates I have for trade and so he got a sweet deal on a bunch of Fistful of Dollar sets so he traded me one of those sets for one of my extras (one minimates for four ain't bad eh!) SO here we have Ramon Rojo, Marisol, The man with no name, and John Baxter. The accessories on these Clint Eastwood movie sets are just AWESOME!
Then today at Target I got this Cobra Eel from the next wave. They didn't have the other character from this wave that I wanted but I can only imagine it won't take long to find it as the Christmas toy influx has begun!!!!!!!!!

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