Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Avengers Assemble

Well I got a package in the mail today (a day early!) and it had my Avengers #1 minimate box set. Actually the box had two sets in it because with the accessory pieces you could change the figures up so I got two sets. So you have Golden Armor Iron Man and then Tony Stark without the armor on. Then in the back left you have a modern version of Wasp and then on the right a classic Wasp. Then on the left you have Giant Man and on the left Ant Man. And you have Hulk in the middle there. The Wasp even comes with an additional mask and the Ant Man comes with a hair piece so you can make him Hank Pym. So even thought this only adds 4 new minimates to my count of unique minimates (quickly approaching 500 now) there are 7 new ones to display! I like the customizability of these sets but at the same time I wish they would just stick to one version so that I wouldn't feel bummed only getting one set and only being able to display one version at a time.
Then here we have another character from the new wave of GI Joe. This here is Croc Master and boy he looks pretty evil. He would be like Steve Irwins arch nemesis or something. I also got a Para-Viper and a Wraith figure but when I found out that these are not actual reissued figures from a vintage wave I took them back to Walmart because I get these figures because I they represent the amazingness that was GI Joe from my childhood and I don't have any attachment to newly created figures characters. The figures I took back looked really really cool but there are so many GI Joes coming out I have to put some sort of limit or qualifier on the purchases.

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