Monday, November 3, 2008

FANG, Claw, Stap.

So Twaga called me this mornin to let me know that Walmart had this new GI Joe vehicle pack that I have been looking for so I cruisedo n down before I went to work and got this here FANG helicopter with the Cobra Viper and the Claw hanglider with the Cobra Pilot. The hanglider is a little different than the one I had as a kid but this FANG helicopter is just awesome! This copter, the HISS tank, and the water mocassin boat (which is coming out soon) were the three that got the most play from me. Thanks Twaga!
Then here we have some of the new wave of Galactic Heroes (there were two more packs but I didn't have enough moola to get those so I just the these two here) This is Anakin with a great littel Stap. I wish this line would make more vehicles (they have done much better in the last litte while) cause things like this Stap are just awesome. This wave is from the Clone Wars so I love getting stuff that is not just from the main movies.
Here we have Ahsoka Tano and Cpatain Rex. Ahsoka has a very unique grip on her lightsaber and she also has a Rotta the Hutlett on her back.

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