Friday, November 21, 2008

You can't repel toys of this magnitude!

So I actually sold some of my transformers to BBTS (thats big bad toy store) for a butload of in store credit (butload meaning I got a lot more than I paid for these transformers and since I am not a die hard transformer collector I can live with just my one Grimlock Alternator and I sold the other four I had). I used some of this credit to make a purchase of some things that I have been interested in and am saving the rest of the credit for some upcoming minimate waves. First here we have the Previews exclusive Mighty Muggs Admiral Ackbar. I could not pass this one up!
Then here we have a Cosbaby which are these great little toys from Asia somewhere that I wish I could get the whole Iron Man set but they are way too expensive so I will live with this Mark II one.

Here you have a size comparison with a minimate.
Then this is actually the first Cosbaby I ever saw and I love Aliens so I had to pick up atleast one so here is a battle damaged Alien.
Then since I got an Alien I had to also get a Predator with it since these are from teh AVPR movie. So here we have the Wolf Predator and the only thing I don't like about it is that I can't get the mask to stay on him. Otherwise I wish these things were sold over here so they would be cheaper cause they are great!
Then this is actually what I got when I took back those GI Joes to Walmart that I mentioned in the previous post. This is Stealth Strike Iron Man. I just can't seem to get enough iron in my diet! This figure is particulary cool not just because he looks great but because his joints are solid and the plastic in his appendages is not warped like several other figures I have got recently. What a great toy week it has been not to mention the several minimate sets that I have won. . . .oh wait I won't spoil the surprise I will just wait till they come in the mail and talk about it then.

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