Monday, November 24, 2008

Lucky me!

Ok so I have been really lucky with minimates as of late and I will obviously tell you about each one as I post here. This here is the Iron Man Hostile Takeover AFX exclusive set that has not yet been released. See I participated in a contest where for every time you reviewed a product on your name was entered into a drawing to win a production sample of this set. So I went and reviewed all the miniamte sets that I have and a couple of other non minimate products and last friday I got an e-mail that my name was drawn as the winner of the set. Now here it is monday only three days later and it came in the mail, now that is quick an awesome. This set comes with a battle damaged Iron Man and Iron Monger. The IM has flight flaps on his back and unique little flight glove hands. Then the set also has Playboy Tony Stark and the Ten Rings Terrorist Raza. This is obviously a great set since it is Iron Man and it is even better because it was FREE!!!!!!!!!!! Only five more minimates until 500 who is gonna be the lucky 500th minimate in my collection? Tune in soon to find out!

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