Sunday, November 30, 2008

So this is minimate #496 and is technically not mine but it will be counted anyway. This is Cheff Duff minimate from the Food Network show Ace of Cakes. My wife loves this show and so at SDCC when we saw that they were making a minimate of him my wife said she had to have him. So here he is and he is hanging on the wall with my minimates and he is a new minimate and he has more accessories than any other minimate before him and is one great little minimate but technically I bought him for my wife.

Here is another armor to add to the Hall of Armor this is Subterranean Armor Iron Man with his power drill. I like the bulkiness of this figure and a good new color scheme too.

Then here we have a new Marvel Legends Iron Man Heroes Reborn version. This figure isn't the greatest looking figure but he is a new version of Iron Man so he had to be added to the Hall. There should be more minimates coming in the mail this week to get me to 500 and then TRU has some new exclusive minimates that I have to hunt down now which so far has proven to be a frustrating process but I will prevail!

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